Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lesson 15: Coping with Europe Withdrawals

So you've been back in the states for about a week. You've had seven days to relish in the glory that is air conditiong, Taco Bell, capitalism, and having a car again. And then suddenly you find yourself mindlessly staring at your tv, WANTING TO BE BACK IN EUROPE. It's terrible. I mean you can't just pack up and go, not yet anyway. You're a poor, overworked college student. So, how do you deal with it? Reunions of course!!

Make an event on Facebook and invite all your American friends that studied with you. Rotate whose place it's at each time, unless some of you live in a frat or sorority. Because that would just be retarded. Anyway, try to get together a few times a semester and party like you did in Europe.

Me, Parker, Madeline, Brandon, and Diana

Well, maybe not quite as much. Those Europeans love to party...especially the Irish. Their stereotype is kind of true. But that's why we love them! They're always fun to be around.

Danielle, Me, and Amy

 However, you shouldn't ever drink as much as you did over there because, let's face it people, this is America...we don't walk everywhere.  Anyway, bust out some bubbly, blast the rap music, and reminisce on things.  Perhaps you can think of ways to get money to go back one day, who knows! That's what I want to do. Only this time it needs to be a vacation and not for school...just sayin.

Diana, Madeline, and Me

Try not to be too depressed. At least we have queso over here...and the occasional foreign exchange student. So, God save the Queen, Vive la France, Go Manchester United, and all that crap!

And more importantly...BOOMER SOONER.

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  1. When I came home from Canada I can definitely say I was happy to be back, even though I was old enough to legally drink in Ontario but not in Oklahoma. But Europe... I bet that would be totally different.