Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesson 13: Awkward Subjects

There are just some things that shouldn't be talked about in polite conversations. For us, this usually means religion and politics. I mean talking about it with friends is one thing, but class...ehhh, you probably shouldn't go there. Especially when it comes to abortion.

Well, the thing about French people is they're much more open to talking about these kinds of things. On my last day of class, my teacher decided to have us discuss the issue of abortion. People that know me know that I don't see the problem with it. Sure, people should use birthcontrol and all that, but crap happens. It's more selfish to bring a child into this world that you can't take care of, in my opinion.

My Godchild/ the only baby I actually like

But that's not really my point here. My point is I didn't know how to say a single damn word pertaining to this topic. I mean why on earth would I think about knowing how to talk about that in French? I sure as hell didn't think I'd be having to talk about it in a freaking classroom!

Naturally, everyone that said anything was against abortion. I'm pretty sure I had a disgusted look on my face because my teacher looked at me, smiled, and asked if I agreed with one of the older Arab men. And I was like hell no! Or at least that's what I wanted to say. But, I didn't. She asked me to explain, but all I could manage to figure out how to say was that sometimes people are too young and don't have any way to take care of a baby.

I wanted to be like "what if you were raped?"  But that was completely beyond my capability so I just sat there looking totally annoyed at everything this dude said. He kept babbling on about how people shouldn't be doing things that could get them pregnant. Seriously? We all know that isn't going to happen. It made me laugh, but I was so incredibly frustrated the rest of that day because I couldn't defend my point of view!! I cannot express how damn annoying it is to understand everything someone is saying and NOT be able to respond.


Then we had to go around and say if abortion is legal in our country. I was the only one that got to say yes. It was awkward. Someone asked me if it was legal in every state and  I was like uhhhh, yea I think so. I figured out later that I was wrong and felt retarded, but like why would I know that? I've never been knocked up so I have no reason to know this. Gahh, get with the program America. Why is it not legal in every state? How dare you make me look like an idiot! That's what I get for assuming we have every freedom on earth I guess.

I freaking hate politics. I don't like talking about it. It's annoying. But this might happen to you, so prepare yourself!

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