Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lesson 14: Keeping Yourself Entertained on Train Rides

When you're traveling around for the weekend, trains are the best way to get anywhere. This is a new concept for most Americans, especially in the South. I mean we just don't really have great public transportation because everyone has cars. So, how the heck do you keep yourself entertained for 3+ hour journeys? Here are a few ideas...

1. Bring magazines and books - okay, this is obvious...but European magazines are kind of hilarious. Especially French ones because they put naked people in everything, even if it's not supposed to be a risqué magazine.

2. IPod - Now, I'm not talking just sit there and listen to your music. No, that's boring. Share your headphones with whoever is next to you and have an dance party. And don't stop until people look at you like you're insane, and the rest of your friends get embarrassed.

3. Pretend You're Going to Hogwarts - What comes to mind when you think of trains? Well, for me I think of Harry Potter. So yes, talk in your fake British accent about your upcoming quidditch match and how you hope Harry will ask you to the Yule Ball. Hopefully no real Brits will be on the train with you, because they'll think you're morons. But who cares?! You'll never see these people again. Avada Kadavera!!

4. Swap Crazy Stories - There's nothing quite like storytime with your new favorite people. So reveal those crazy ones, and come up with new things to do before you go home. After all, what happens in Europe stays in Europe....sometimes.

5. Flirt with the Train Conductor - Okay, sometimes it's fun to see who you can flirt with, whether it be the hottie sitting across from you, or the dude that checks your train ticket. Why not? Just remember: everyone sounds hot when they have an accent. Never confuse sounding hot with actually BEING hot.

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