Saturday, August 28, 2010

the point of my blog

Leaving home is scary...especially when you're going across the ocean to a country that doesn't even speak English. No mom, no dad, and no turning back. I'm Kylee and I'm a junior at the University of Oklahoma. This summer I studied abroad in Vichy, France for a month and it was badass. Words can't even describe the extent of its greatness. However, there are many things I would have killed to know before I left our glorious country. You would think the study abroad office would prepare students for every little thing that could happen, but they don't, so I'm taking it upon myself to give advice to students wanting to study abroad. Some of it will be serious and some will just be for my own amusement, but it will all be important nevertheless. Hopefully reading this will save a few people from looking like idiots and/or having a mental breakdowns :)