Monday, November 29, 2010

Lesson 11: In Yo Suitcase and Other Ramblings

I hate packing. Especially for trips that are longer than a weekend, a. because it's annoying and b. because I'm lazy. You gotta have clothes, makeup, phone chargers, the laptop blah blah blah. The list goes on and on. But when you're peacing out to Europe you also need an ADAPTER in that suitcase. This is probably fairly obvious to most of you, but ya never know.

There are many types of adapters out there. Some probably suck more than others, and they usually look like this....

Mine, however, didn't because RadioShack is worthless and they made me buy crap I didn't really need. I had this bulky ass thing that plugged into a thing that looked like the rounded 2-prong converter in the picture.

OU study abroad likes to tell people to go to RadioShack. Don't listen to these fools. These stores usually have greasy looking employees that most likely dropped out of high school. I'm just sayin. They suck balls.

Also, make sure to pay attention to the dang sockets on your adapter. Most of them are two pronged which can be a slight (and by slight, I mean HUGE) problem if your laptop charger HAS THREE PRONGS!!! Fortunately I realized this the night before I peaced out to France, so I could correct the problem. Little did I know that my laptop would refuse to charge, would not get internet service, and slowly die. But that is another tale. Never buy an ASUS laptop.


Thank God I was able to exchange the p.o.s when I returned to the states. I almost got desperate enough to fly to London just to go to Bestbuy. Seriously, you do not wanna have to borrow people's computers all the time. It's super obnoxious and you might stumble upon things you don't want to know about....

I'd recommend going to the Elephant Trunk. I'm pretty sure they have adapters. However, their travel flat irons don't France at least. And if you have a Chi don't try to use it'll fry. But if you're in France, Monoprix has cheap flat irons that are decent! Buy one so you don't have to walk around looking like a street urchin. I tried that for a week before I flipped out and decided I HAD TO find a damn flat iron.

Derrick, my ghetto fab unfixed hair, and Jennifer
Also, don't forget an umbrella! It rains a lot more over there than it does here in the south. Be sure to check and see if wherever you're staying provides bedding (usually will), hangers, and towels (not likely).

And don't forget your passport anywhere!!! You don't want that puppy getting sold on the black market.

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