Sunday, September 19, 2010


There are some things you just shouldn't have to ask people. Flushing the toilet is one of them.

HOW TO FLUSH THE TOILET - You would think this would be obvious...but as I've mentioned in all of my posts, sleep deprivation makes you an idiot. European toilets are weird, and I've seen a variety of different ways to flush them. Why they have so many different ways, I'll never understand.

Type A : Toilets with a silver box thing over them - I only saw this kind of toilet in my French dorm...which was super old by the way, so it was quite outdated. The silver box caused me confusion that first day. I kept pushing on the upper half of the box, but you have to push on the lower half. You have to be forceful otherwise it won't flush. I tried to find a picture of it on Google but unfortunately I couldn't! So if you ever see a box on the wall above the toilet, just punch it.

Type B : Toilets with the white square on the top - This one is the easiest. You just push down on the square.

Type C : Toilets with the silver button on top - Now, depending on the toilet you will either lift up on the silver button or just push down.

Type D : Train toilets - Okay, the bathrooms on the trains are kind of weird. It almost looks like a space cubicle or something just sitting in a random corner. It has buttons to open/close the door as well as flush the toilet. Sometimes the buttons don't like to work, which is always a lovely occasion. Basically just keep pressing random buttons until it does what you want.

gotta love Google images

it's a little more confusing when the buttons aren't in English

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